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Lionheart Farms: Sustainable Farming in Palawan

Lionheart is championing reforestation efforts, sustainable farming to provide high quality jobs in Palawan. We have a 5-year green bond structured by Earthwake Green Impact Fund that will fund our efforts in these areas.


Lionheart Farms (Philippines) Corp.

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Social causes


SDGs covered

Market of Implementation

  • Philippines


Palawan is a poor region of Western Philippines that faces significant social issues, such as the lack of employment opportunities and access to education. Moreover, the region and the resident community is also at risk of being affected by the climate crisis.


Lionheart Farms is developing a business to increase the production of high-quality products from coconut farms and make sustainable products to be exported to developed markets. Through the reforestation of the land and new jobs provided to the local communities, the business is responding to the climate crisis by providing employment and education in the process.

By planting additional coconut trees, the business will increase the carbon capture and the biomass on ancestral land, while providing for local communities. As of April 2021, Lionheart has planted over 500,000 trees, with over 600 workers and has sharply reduced the rates of poverty incidence in the community from 65% in 2015 to 20% in 2020.

Please refer to our attached deck for more on our work: Roadshow Presentation 2021

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Avoided/Sequestered

70,000 – 100,000 tonnes per year

Means of Measurement

The business has already started measuring. It is also working to develop better measurement methodologies to include residue and waste from the trees.

Project’s Environment & Climate Capability

Climate Risk Reduction, Coordination on Climate Change Measures and Activities Across Relevant Actors

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