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Local Alike

Promotes sustainable growth and employment prospects in Thailand by creating a platform that brings together travel agencies and local communities to offer eco-tourism options.


Local Alike

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ChangeFusion Institute

ChangeFusion is a Bangkok-based organization that grow social entrepreneurs for creative and sustainable change.

Singapore International Foundation

Singapore International Foundation brings world communities together to do good to build greater cultural understanding amongst diverse communities.

Market of Implementation

  • Thailand


Thailand generates around six billion Thai Baht (roughly $187 thousand) per year from the tourism industry. However, the income from tourism mainly disperses around urban areas in favor of large enterprises like hotel chains and large travel agencies. Only a handful of local people benefit. In addition, there are plenty of examples of how mass tourism has and will continue to be damaging to the local communities, both environmentally and socially. Travel agencies that offer sustainable and eco-tourism options for tourists often employ locals in supporting, labor-based roles. There are also 200 established community based tourism organizations in Thailand. The issue is the lack of a reliable channel or platform to connect them directly to prospective tourists.


Traveling is one of the best ways to see the world in new perspectives. We believe that traveling of any kind or the tourism sector as a whole must head towards more collective responsibility and sustainable outlook. Local Alike works with local communities and businesses to create the best experiences for everybody.

Local Alike1LocalAlike.com is an online marketplace where you can find curated travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia.

You get to experience trips that are designed to be enjoyable and authentic for every traveler and local alike. You simply have to try out the amazing food and drinks, adventurous treks, immersive cultures, exciting shows, and so much more that you won't find with traditional tour companies.

Local Alike matches you with local communities and responsible tour operators instead of simply matching you to one tour guide. This is called community based tourism, a form of tourism that allows local residents to be involved while emphasizing community development.

As a social enterprise, our highest mission is to empower holistic and sustainable growth of local communities through tourism. We are highly committed to co-create the true meaningful experience for every traveller and local alike.

What we do:

Local Alike21. Consultancy for co-creating sustainable tourism experience and facilitates business and development related training for their local partners to the acceptable standards.

2. Connect partners and supporters while be the reliable and credible marketing and sales channel for the locals.

3. Through our website, we provide individual travelers with choices for homestay experiences using video, and set expectations. Handle payments and communications for both parties. Provide reviews and customer satisfaction for continual improvements of the experience.

4. Through our travel agency company, we organize customized routes and trips with purpose for group travelers and corporates.

5. Keep track of social impact and create co-ownership community fund to improve quality of living of local communities in 5 aspect which are Waste, Sanitisation, Education, Infrastructure and Health.

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