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Lotus Petal Sr. Sec School, Gurugram

Building India’s biggest philanthropic school to provide holistic education, nutrition and livelihoods to 10000 students and 100,000 students to get quality education via live interactive platform.


Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation

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Lotus Petal Foundation has identified the problems below affecting children and youths in India.

  1. Getting out of school students from underserved communities to get jobs based on skills/education (Approx. 60 million students are there)
  2. Pan-India Primary Teachers’ shortage of approx. 1 million teachers (Source: Business Today, 2021)
  3. Lack of quality learning outcomes
    • Only 25% children in Grade 3 were able to read more than a few words or so (Source: The Wire)
    • 75% students in Grade 3 are already behind Grade level, 74% in Grade 5 can’t do simple division (Source: Teach for India website)
  4. Lack of quality nutrition severely impacting physical and cognitive development
    • 35.5% children under 5 stunted and 19.3% wasted in India. (NFHS-5 2019-2021 via the Quint)
  5. Access to digital learning (Only 25% children in India have access to digital learning (Bharat Ed-Tech report, 2022)

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle the issue affecting children and youths in India, and Lotus Petal Foundation has the solution for this.


At Lotus Petal Foundation, we aim to tackle the issue affecting children and youths in India through the following:
  1. Building India's biggest philanthropic school (Lotus Petal Senior Secondary School in Gurugram, Haryana) with best in class facilities to cater to 10000 students at one time to receive quality education, nutrition and development of a formal skill which will help them mainstream and break free from the poverty cycle. Our alumni are earning 2X per capita income of the country.
  2. Our Digital live interactive learning platform (Vidya Sahyog) to cater to the needs to cater to the shortage of good quality teachers both in quantitative and qualitative terms. So far, we have catered to 6500+ students in 100 + schools and 7+ states of India and are looking to scale this up to 100,000 students located in different remote parts of the country by 2026-27. Our program includes contextual pedagogy, personalised learning pathways, two way audio visual communication, focus on Foundational Learning and Numeracy through level based learning to children, along with counselling support.
  3. Our Skill Development Program (Jeevika) to provide customised and relevant 3 to 6 months of hands on training on skills in our school campus such as Digital Marketing, Retail and Hospitality, Hardware and Networking, which helps youth in the age group of 18-25 get formal employment through these short duration courses, which otherwise wouldn't have been possible. 100+ youth have already been placed in about 12 months (since inception of the program).

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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