Circular Economy-Based Mattress Subscription Service

The world’s first Circular Economy-based mattress subscription (rental) service for hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses.



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Thai Young Philanthropist Network

Thai Young Philanthropist Network is a community of professionals with a shared goal to create a better Thai society for our generation and the next.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia
  • , Thailand


Mattresses are not recycled in Southeast Asia and most countries around the world as it is not financially viable to do so. Used mattresses are usually placed in landfills, burned or simply thrown away. Because of their bulk and petroleum-based components such as polyurethane foams and polyester fibres, they occupy a huge volume of landfills and are one of the major polluters and big source of microplastics. Globally hundreds of millions of mattresses are disposed of irresponsibly every year.


With our mattress subscription service, hospitality businesses can have access to brand-new, quality mattresses from as little as US$1.90/mattress/month. The mattresses are procured at wholesale prices from the leading manufacturers in each of the region/country in which we operate with receivable-backed debt financing. In order to keep our mattresses secured, their locations are tracked with built-in IoT sensors. At the end of every subscription cycle, which may last between 60 and 120 months in accordance with the hospitality industry’s standard mattress replacement cycles, we retrieve the used mattresses, disassemble them and recycle/upcycle their components. Our revenue comprises the monthly subscription payments from our customers as well as the sales of recycled/upcycled products from used mattress components. The recycling/upcycling cost is built into the subscription fees. Over the next half decade we believe we will save at least 1.3 million mattresses from entering landfills and give a new life to over 46 thousand tonnes of used materials. By recycling steel springs alone we will help reduce future carbon emission by 64,000 tonnes.

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