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ALLiN Tech: Mongolia Digital School (MDS)

MDS seeks to impact the lives of more than 350,000 Mongolian students in more than 2,000 schools, using the Jnrlink platform and technology.


ALLiN Technologies Pte Ltd

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UOB Venture Management Private Limited

UOB Venture Management Private Limited is one of Asia’s leading international banking and financial groups.

Market of Implementation

  • Mongolia


In rural Mongolia, there are crucial gaps in access to quality education. These include:

  • Lack of infrastructure for children to gain access to quality education. Currently, the schools have to conduct up to 3 sessions a day (morning to night). More than 10,000 students have to go through this everyday and many more children have to stay at home due to the lack of infrastructure.
  • Lack of quality teachers and manpower in rural areas of Mongolia.
  • For rural communities, due to the lack of resources, women and girls are often denied opportunities to education as they are needed to work at the farms and look after children. The World Bank also has reflected similar challenges that Women and girls face in rural Mongolia.
ALLiN Technologies is running the Mongolia Digital School (MDS) Project, which seeks to address these issues.


Using our Jnrlink EduTech platform, we hope to empower these communities with affordable, quality education.

The technology can be deployed both online and offline and with minimum infrastructure requirement. The technology has been previously tested in rural communities within Asia and have been proven effective.

Our Platform assists and provide teaching aids and assistance to the teachers; alleviating the pressure to deliver classes across 3 shifts and improve quality of Education delivery in rural areas. In addition, we want to introduce the English language as second language, as part of Mongolia's strategic goals in education development.

Our program also provides Professional Development for teachers in the country through study visits to Singapore and series of training  programmes which will be conducted in Mongolia. A team from Harvard University led by Professor Catherine Snow will conduct an independent research to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

We also target to reach out to women and girls in rural Mongolia and providing up to 3 years of free education.

For more information on the project, refer to our slide deck.

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