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Provides quality, child-centered, inclusive English-medium schooling to underprivileged children in India by training and empowering teachers to be change agents.


Paragon Charitable Trust (PCT)

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Singapore International Foundation

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Market of Implementation

  • India


  •  Muktangan addresses disconnects in mainstream education, namely between:
    • Teacher and school education
    • Schools & community
    • Child & curriculum and most fundamentally, between TEACHER & CHILD.
  • The educational system assumes that all students are learning at one ‘age appropriate’ level & are hence taught & assessed accordingly. This leads to boredom on the part of the high performers & the dropping out of those labelled as failures.
  • Teachers are expected to use an active pedagogy in the classroom whilst themselves being taught in teacher education largely through lectures. The processes of teacher and school education are not in congruence.
  • Teachers are too closely supervised & hence not given the autonomy to work as professionals. This, in turn, leads to low teacher motivation.
  • Interventions for change mainly focus on isolated components of a system & hence the improvements do not sustain as other components resist the changes.


Muktangan's solution is a hub & spokes model, teacher education is the hub & the schools the spokes. Trainees actively construct their understanding of theory & undergo 2 days a week internship in the schools integrating theory with practice. They observe learning processes of individual children, share their observations in tutorials & produce case studies.

Learning Resource Group Departmental teachers specialise in helping children with special needs and differing learning abilities. Besides conducting workshops, they could also offer assessment and counselling to any parents and children needing it.

Muktangan’s curriculum also includes music with theatre, dance and art, in addition to the academics. Our choirs have performed in many public concerts in Mumbai. A 65-minute documentary film called “The Sound of Mumbai” was made on the story of one such performance in 2009. You may watch the 2-minute trailer here.


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