MySkills Foundation: Transforming Lives of Youth-at-Risk

MySkills aims to transform youth at risk from dysfunctional families and high risk environment by providing ‘enabling’ environment with residential-based training (character re-engineering approach).


MySkills Foundation

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Market of Implementation

  • Malaysia


Every year, thousands of students dropout from education system in Malaysia for various dysfunctionalities/risk factors in family and in their ecosystem. However, we don't get to track them and this eventually creates a "black hole" in our education system that makes the youth population vulnerable to serious problems of substance abuse, crime/vice, gangsterism, unemployment and poor mental health. The future becomes even complicated when these "youth at risk" enter adulthood, and replicate detrimental behaviours in larger numbers, further exacerbating the nation's societal problems.

The situation further deteriorated, when the education has come to a standstill during the COVID-19 crisis. Engaging the troubled youth for continued education via online had become great challenge, especially for youth from poorer socio-economic backgrounds (urban/rural poverty).


MySkills Foundation was established to serve as a sanctuary for youth at risk in Malaysia and allow them to become responsible citizens via Holistic Transformation Skills Training, which is fully residential. The holistic training is conducted on MySkills’ own 34-acre large campus, which provides an enabling environment for value-based education and market relevant skills training.

The targeted youths will be undergoing life skills (Emotional, Social and Life management Skills) and vocational skills training in high demand sectors like Electrical, Air-Conditioning, Corporate Secretarial, Care Giving, Culinary, Pastry, Organic Farming and Building Maintenance (Plumbing, Pest Control and etc).

Youths will spend an average of 2-3 years for the holistic training and are placed for employment after successful graduation from MySkills. The graduates are also monitored for job retention and their adaptation to the working world.


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