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Ocean Material Group: Tackling Ocean Plastic Pollution through Circular Economy

Ocean Material Group works to prevent ocean plastic pollution through an impactful solutions platform for circular materials, upstream solutions like infrastructure and educational projects, and its network of stakeholders committed to ending ocean plastic pollution.


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Ocean plastic pollution is a major threat to our ocean. If no action is taken, the current rate of plastic waste leakage into the ocean is likely to result in more than a doubling of cumulative plastic waste in the oceans by 2030.

About 80% to 90% of all plastic that ends up in the ocean originates from developing countries. Our goal is to keep this plastic out of the ocean by resolving infrastructure problems surrounding the handling of plastic waste and create new economic and social opportunities to improve the livelihoods of local people in coastal collector communities.


At Ocean Material Group (OMG), we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers and organisations across the planet to use collected plastic waste to develop high-quality materials and products with maximum social and environmental impact. These materials and products are sold on our Online Marketplace under the trade mark Ocean Material®.

This branding becomes essential in helping brands and manufacturers to differentiate themselves by developing an emotional bond with their customers, connecting over the cause for cleaner oceans.

Concurrently, we are also developing upstream solutions such as educational workshops and infrastructure projects on the handling of plastic waste. In March 2022, we will start our interactive educational recycling workshop for all schools of HK, with 7,000 students in phase 1, aiming to educate 100,000 students by 2025. We have confirmed sponsors with ALBA Group/New life plastics and supported by HKRITA (Edwin Keh) and TheMills.

By 2025, we will create demand for 8,000 tons/year of plastic waste through our sourcing platform Oceanmaterial.com, which will be collected by our partners from Oceancycle, Greenworms, and many others. This will create 1,000 new jobs in collection and recycling.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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