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Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership

ISDM will be an anchor institution which will catalyse the creation of an entire ecosystem, building existing leadership capacity in the sector and attracting bright young talent to study development management and transition into this space.


Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)

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Market of Implementation

  • India


The Development Sector has a pivotal role to play in the inclusive development and progress of society. With the rapid economic progress the world have seen in the last few decades, a lot more money is flowing into the sector (Philanthropists, CSR, Retail Funding, Government etc.) into newer organization forms (Social/Corporate Philanthropic Foundations, CSR, Social Enterprises, Impact Funds etc.) thereby increasing not just the size but the complexity of this sector as well. For the sector to be able to deliver sustainable social impact at scale, technical skillsets and funding needs to be complemented by good quality, ethical leadership talent who understands development and on that foundation is able to build world class social organizations, design and deliver large scale social interventions and create collaborative ecosystems. Creating a pipeline of such leadership talent will go a long way in ensuring that the sector delivers on its developmental promise.


Creation of a world class, iconic institution of development management - Indian School of Development Management (ISDM). There is nothing like this in the world today. Scholarships for ISDM’s 1 year Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership will attract committed, passionate leadership, management talent into the social development sector. ISDM will:
1. Build a unique body of knowledge derived from on ground research, working with practitioners and theorising of experience
2. Bring together a pool of people who are knowledge creators and disseminators
3. Facilitate a platform of leading sector organizations which inherently recognize the criticality of Development Leaders and Managers and demand talent of this kind
4. Set the path for more educational institutions to start offering programmes in Development Management
5. Facilitate establishment of Development Management as a profession which future generations can aspire towards

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