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Praava Health

Aims to open a network of eight clinics in Bangladesh within the next two years, and the tech and diagnostics infrastructure needed to support it.


Praava Health Bangladesh Ltd.

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Tsao Family Office Pte. Ltd.

Market of Implementation

  • Bangladesh


Nearly 170 million people live in Bangladesh, making it one of the world’s most populous countries and densely populated markets. Bangladesh is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has been dubbed the next Asian tiger by the World Economic Forum, The Economist, and others. A dynamic, growing middle class of more than 30 million people – 25% of the population – has already propelled Bangladesh to “middle-income” status. As income levels rise, health expenditures increase disproportionately. Middle class families demand and can pay for higher quality services.

Social infrastructure and healthcare are still lagging dramatically behind the rapidly growing economy. The public health system is understaffed and over-stretched, with only 1% private health insurance saturation. Private health facilities are best positioned to fill this gap. But pricing at private facilities in Bangladesh is artificially inflated due to lack of competition, and quality is inconsistent.


Praava Health is delivering a better patient experience and international quality care for Bangladesh’s middle class. With a cadre of family doctors and visiting specialists, Praava offers a range of services and world-class laboratory and imaging diagnostics, all under one roof.

Praava’s seamless patient experience is enabled by user-friendly technology that allows access of medical records anytime and tracks patients outcomes to deliver value-based care. Our membership programs align incentives - rewarding doctors for keeping patients healthy and building trust between doctors and patients, and delivering the best value for money.

Praava also offers nutrition counselling and also has introduced a health coach concept wherein a coach helps Praava patients to make better lifestyle choices in terms of diet, exercise etc.

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