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ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC)

The CYC project works with young people – interacting with them on a program established for young social entrepreneurs – supporting them to grow into socially responsible individuals.



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Global Fund for Children

GFC’s mission is to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world by making small grants to innovative community-based organizations.

Market of Implementation

  • India


While there are many NGOs working downstream to cure in the aftermath of the privatization, globalization juggernaut, there was nobody working upstream to prevent the juggernaut from riding rough shod over the marginalized. Over the past 7 years we have been working to help young people who are change makers of both today and the future, understand themselves in the context of the world.

Also, young people are dealing with a number of changes and conflicts. It has become tougher for people, especially young people to make sense of all this and respond to these changes and conflicts with a view of creating sustainable positive social change rather than reacting to them. In fact as they try and make sense of the fast paced changes while yet being deeply rooted in culture and tradition, a space for them to understand and deal with themselves and the society around them becomes crucial.


School Session taken by our ICS volunteer smallWe believe that instead of ‘curing’ in the aftermath of social conflicts, we need to engage positively with them. As future decision makers, youth need to internalise a social orientation and a regard for common spaces, so that they can become socially responsible decision makers in the future.

We feel that sustainable social change emanates from individuals. Change them or their orientation and the system will change. Long term changes will therefore be brought about by developing in young people the relevant values, attitudes and skills.

Collectively with ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC),  we have inspired nearly 100,000 young leaders in schools, out of school  communities and colleges, have supported  400 social  change projects and entrepreneurs, created 100 media products and reached out to over  1,500,000 people through our campaigns, while impacting issues like education (child literacy), sexual and reproductive health, environmental sustainability, social inclusion (changing community perspectives, social conflicts), gender based violence, employability.

Our approach: Society has ‘legitimized’ four spaces for young people - family, friends, career /education and leisure. There is on the margins – a 5th Space - where young people discover themselves by engaging in social action.  We argue that the 5th Space must be repositioned as a space that focuses as much on the self-transformation of youth as it does on transforming society through them and therefore try to create 5thSpaces through all our programs.

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