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Healthcare Delivery Services and Digital Health Platform

Geographies that are facing shortage of facilities, human resources, quality services and other barriers to primary care, iKure’s solution solves the challenges by implementing scalable model, technology innovation, and CHWs.


iKure Techsoft Pvt. Ltd

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  • India


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to disrupted chronic care, screening and diagnosis, the supply of medicines, access to health workers and service support critical for healthcare management. While India’s public health expenditure stands a little over 1 percentage of the GDP, the country’s health infrastructure has 0.85 doctors and 0.7 hospital beds for every 1000 people, amounted with widespread inequalities of healthcare personnel together creating major impediments in India’s health management strategies. The increasing volume of patients with active COVID-19 cases and NCDs and communicable diseases are set to overburden the public health systems resulting in high cost both for individuals and health system. Thus effective management and treatment need to be implemented at a community level through primary healthcare model.


iKure’s healthcare model has acquired extensive support and recognition from across the world for being innovative, technologically advanced and sustainable. iKure is catering to primary healthcare across rural, semi-urban & urban population. iKure deliver the services through the hub and spoke clinic set up where a core medical team with modern procedures and equipment stationed at hub clinic visit spokes regularly. iKure also provides training its community health workers equipped with POC devices, which enables them to provide door-step monitoring and diagnostic support. iKure analyzes the root causes of ailments and addresses them holistically through a combination of health and hygiene, water and sanitation, nutrition etc.

iKure team works in partnership with research institutes, NGOs and healthcare partners to identify endemic health issues in communities and design holistic disease prevention solutions, including sanitation, hygiene and nutritional components that treat the disease from its root cause. Telemedicine platform of iKure helps to reach to people in remote terrains who are unable to visit Doctors. Patients, who had previously relied only on local clinics or state-owned primary health centres with limited operations, now have reliable access to on-site general medicine, maternal and child health care, eye care, telemedicine services, and pathology services.

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