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Reaching Out to People with Disabilities

Develops a well-resourced mobile workshop providing quality mobility aids and rehabilitation to people with disabilities living in remote areas of Bali and East Indonesia.



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Annika Linden Centre

Inspiration Foundation is a private Indonesian based grant-making foundation dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


Indonesia is the fourth largest population in the world with more than 261 million people but the country’s lack of reliable data on the overall number of people with disabilities means their needs are often overlooked. People with disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia face high levels of discrimination and often live in poverty because they’re denied jobs, an education, and inclusion in their communities.

We need to upgrade tools and resources for our mobile workshop so it can support more people with disabilities across rural Bali, Lombok, Sumba, Atambua and Papua. Our team travels hundreds of kilometers to reach people in inaccessible places and funds would also help them to go further and stay longer in an area to ensure people with a disability’s basic rehabilitation needs are met.

Consequently, we're focused on providing more people in need with an appropriately fitted wheelchair, prosthetic or orthotic because it greatly improves their quality of life.


A well-resourced mobile workshop equipped with quality tools to make or repair wheelchairs, prosthetics and orthotics will enable the PUSPADI Bali team to reach a wider group of people with disabilities from underprivileged areas.

With the proper equipment and resources, we can efficiently assess, make or repair quality mobility aids on-site, which reduces the need for a person with a disability to travel long distances for support.

As there are no rehabilitation services permanently based in isolated areas of Bali and East Indonesia, PUSPADI Bali’s mobile workshop is often the only way a person with a disability will access a much-needed prosthetic, orthotic or wheelchair.

A quality mobility aid and rehabilitation is life-changing for a person with a disability. With support from us, many of the 5,000 or more people we’ve helped over time have gone on to start their own businesses or work, study, or pursue their dreams of becoming athletes or dancers.

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