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Saajha: Supporting Parents to Impact Learning of Children in India

Saajha is working to provide an ecosystem for parents to feel connected and supported in their efforts to create an environment for the learning and well-being of children across homes, schools and communities in India.



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In India, there are massive gaps in the foundational literacy and numeracy of children in government primary schools in Asia.

Currently, data found using the Aser tool and DiSE indicated that 50% of Grade 5 children cannot read grade 2 books, and 20% of children drop out before senior secondary, 40% if they’re from tribal communities.   To makes matters worse, the prolonged school shutdown caused due to spread of COVID-19 has worsened this problem. While approximately 75% of students received help from family members in learning, parents often do not have appropriate support systems that can help them to get involved in their child's education.    


At Saajha, we aim to address the issue of low literacy rates in children in the following ways:

    • Community Support-  Driven by parents from similar communities, we create a support system to help parents overcome challenges related to their child's learning. We extend support to parents by working with them in enabling a home learning environment and create a community of parents that can enable a positive environment for the learning and development of students

  • Working with School Committees-  To increase social accountability and enable parent-teaching communication for better understanding, we focus on working with school committees to make this happen.

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