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Small Enterprise Development: Microfinance Services for Women and Local Entrepreneurs in Thailand

SED provides micro financial services and financial training for low-income women and small-sized enterprises. Its key service is group lending that is operated through a women-founded village bank.


Small Enterprise Development (SED)

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In Thailand, women and local entrepreneurs are often unqualified for formal lending programs or do not have collateral to provide. As a result, they continue to suffer from poverty and do not have enough funds to invest in their businesses.

To address this issue, Small Enterprise Development (SED) has the solution.


SED’s missions are:

  1. Encourage communities to form a revolving fund or a village bank
  2. Monitor, develop, and strengthen capacity for village banks
  3. Provide loans for village banks and their members to improve their businesses
  4. Develop relationship with donors and encourage investors to participate in the activities of village banks
  5. Organize training and excursion trip on microfinance for interested organizations.

What SED does:
  1. Provide micro-loan for women living in underserved areas
  2. Provide individual loan for local entrepreneurs who are unqualified for formal lending or do not have collateral
  3. Equip individuals and communities with financial management skill

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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