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Soristic: Effective Giving Tool for Donors in Singapore

Soristic is working on Charity Guidepoint, a giving tool for donors in Singapore to efficiently shortlist IPC charities, based on their passion and values while also functioning as an analytical tool for charities.


Soristic Asia Ltd

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In Singapore, charities have limited resources or capability to assess where they stand among their peers while donors do not have access to comprehensive data analysis of the charity sector.

Furthermore, evidence based giving require a lot of resources as each donor have to do their own due diligence.

It is clear that there is a better way to reduce friction in giving, and Soristic Asia has the solution for this.


At sorsitic, we aim to address the issue of comprehensive data analysis of the charity sector in Singapore through the following ways:
  • Supporting donors and charities with financial due diligence done in a efficient and comprehensive manner by quantitatively analyses the Institutions of Public Characters  in Singapore.
  • Provide a variety of metrics that provides insights and analysis by causes and sizes that enable easy comparison across charities
  • Generate analytical reports or come out with a shortlists of charities based on their selected metrics.
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