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The Education Alliance: School Quality Enhancement Program (SQEP)

The Education Alliance enhances the quality of India’s government schools through a school management and capacity building model conducted by NGO partners.


The Education Alliance

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The Indian public education system needs to transform to better serve its young learners. Evidence has repeatedly shown that children, specifically those attending public schools, have poor learning outcomes. Efforts to fix this have largely been in silos - curricular changes, teacher training, student assessments, etc. Few interventions have created any impact at scale.
    • Millions of children are still out-of-school despite RTE guaranteeing free primary education.
    • Indian students lag behind on basic learning outcomes. This learning crisis starts early where by the time children are in Grade 5, five out of ten children do not have basic foundational literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Government schools are severely under resourced, and perform poorly which has led parents to believe that private schools will offer better education where in reality, it is only marginally better, and not quality education.


A complete overhaul of the system is required. The need of the hour is a long-term, strategic approach towards systemic transformation; with alignment on goals, implementation of research-backed interventions owned by governments, and robust accountability mechanisms.

Over the years, TEA has evolved its engagement with the government to a two-pronged approach towards education system transformation: 'Excellence in Government Schools' that demonstrates impact through innovation; and 'Strengthening System Reform' that is a long-term committed approach to bring changes at the systematic level.

The overarching goal should be to make the system self-sustaining and make improvement, an organic process.

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