The Rondo Production: Catalysing music careers for youth musicians

The Rondo Production focuses on bringing high-quality music education programmes and initiatives to the community, while promoting inclusivity and diversity in music education.


The Rondo Production

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  • Malaysia


There is no shortage of talented and hard-working youth musicians, who aspire to pursue careers in music. However, in Malaysia, there are various structural barriers that hinder the aspirations of these talents, such as: 1) Little continuity in developing young music talents –  Currently, youths graduating from high school ensembles do not have platforms available to pursue and further develop their passion in music. 2) Insufficient and narrow exposure to music resources –  Many students have limited exposure to expertise in all areas of music, and are unable to develop their skills in a holistic manner 3) Lack of parental support –  Many parents do not perceive music as a viable career pathway, and push their children to pursue jobs that are seen as more “worthwhile” 4) Lack of community and sense of belonging – There is limited interaction between the audience and the performer in existing music programmes. The Rondo Production aims to tackle these barriers head-on, and serve as a bridge between these talents’ passion and catalysing their successful careers in music.


The Rondo Production provides a platform for young musicians to develop their talent, forge relationships and build communities within the larger music space in Malaysia. Our work involves: 1) Running our year-long programmes in ways that benefit young musicians in their learning process, so they can pursue their music passion out of school, both in higher education and as a career path. 2) Connecting with various stakeholders, such as the artists to impart musical knowledge and the instrument dealers to provide music equipment, all at an affordable price. 3) Engaging with our audiences, including parents, before and after each performance to understand and address their concerns. Through the success of the performing artists, we hope more parents will see the bright future of a career in music. 4) Encouraging interaction between the audience and the performers by facilitating talks and discussions to stimulate the exchange of ideas.

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