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Rondo Music Academy: Advocating Positive Mindset Shifts through Arts Education

The Rondo Production focuses on bringing high-quality music education programmes and initiatives to the community, while promoting inclusivity and diversity in music education.


The Rondo Production

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  • Malaysia


There is no shortage of talented and hard-working youth musicians, who aspire to pursue careers in music. However, in Malaysia, there are various structural barriers that hinder the aspirations of these talents. The Rondo Production aims to address various problems through music such as:

1) Inequality of access to quality music education - Many disadvantaged youth face financial barriers that limit their access to quality music education. This inequality deprives them of personal growth and potential careers in the arts, and affects their self-confidence and cognitive development.

2) Lack of employment opportunities and youth empowerment - Marginalised youth struggle to find meaningful employment, leading to financial insecurity. This can lead to disengagement and potential social problems. Providing employment opportunities empowers them economically and socially.

3) Using music as a tool to unite people - Divisions and misunderstandings between community members can lead to social fragmentation. Using music as a unifying force promotes cohesion, cultural exchange and a sense of unity within the community.

The Rondo Music Academy strives to empower youth, promote equality and foster unity through its programmes and initiatives.


The Rondo Production provides a platform for young musicians to develop their talent, forge relationships and build communities within the larger music space in Malaysia.

Rondo Music Academy is a groundbreaking concept that is reshaping the music industry. Our highly qualified instructors offer personalised tuition across instruments, genres and skill levels. Accessible practice rooms with affordable rates, acoustically treated for productive practice sessions and an instrument retail section provide a one-stop solution for musicians.

We pride ourselves on our social responsibility, offering subsidised/free lessons and workshops to underprivileged children, ensuring that music education transcends all backgrounds. We also foster an inclusive performance space, encouraging interdisciplinary and innovative projects such as music therapy for dementia and music-infused yoga for a unique sensory experience.

We serve as a hub for music classes, workshops, concerts and events, nurturing Malaysia's vibrant music scene. Through the Academy, we aim to revitalise the local arts, empower musicians of all backgrounds and address global challenges through music.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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