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Creates affordable, lightweight and technology-enabled wheelchairs to resolve mobility challenges faced by people with disabilities in South Korea.


Todo-Works Co., Ltd

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Of the world’s population, 70 million people require wheelchairs. Many of them are unable to move freely, and to do what they want to do as they lack convenient devices to move by themselves easily and freely.

It is not easy for the disabled to move around freely with the manual wheelchair. Though some disabled people might be able to afford the electric wheelchairs,there are still  a number of problems; they are not only very expensive, but also heavy and occupy too much space that causes portability problem.

In addition to that, this problem is made worst for children. Younger disabled persons require new wheelchairs that fit their body well multiple times as they grow, and many of them are unable to afford electric wheelchairs. Thus, they use unfit and manual wheelchairs which are too wide and  require long term maintenance. This causes them to suffer from further injuries like scoliosis.


There is a need for a new solution for wheelchairs that are lighter, smaller, and easier to control, and at a reasonable price.

To access this problem, Todo-works develops and provides small sized power assist that change manual wheelchairs to electric ones. The kit is light, small, easy to control, and has a relatively reasonable price (about 1/3 of average price of electric wheelchairs), thus improving the accessibility for the disabled.

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