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Improving the learning environment of the visually impaired in Cambodia by developing and distributing a paperless, portable, and erasable braille slate without any environmental constraint.


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For visually impaired, hundred-thousand are estimated to be in Cambodia, of which 40,000 people are totally blind and 600,000 hold low vision (2016). Despite the great number, support from the Cambodian government to the disabled sector remains to be low. Assistive technology devices for the visually impaired are expensive, and the market demand for high-tech assistive devices is extremely low in Cambodia. On the other hand, low-tech assistive technology in the global market is not diverse enough to fulfill the varying needs of everyday life of visually impaired persons. At the moment, there is no available appropriate technology for visually impaired persons to write a memo or calculations casually at low cost. This not only affects the quality of life of visually impaired persons but also their access to quality of education without proper assistance.


From the 7th of June, 2019, we conducted a project providing a paperless and erasable braille slate for the blind students in Cambodia funded by Korea International Cooperation Agency. During the 15 months of project, we designed and developed the item with external user evaluations, and produced final product on May, 2020. After producing it, we have passed tests and evaluations by prestigious braille experts in Korea. We provided Versa Slate with the Krousar Thmey school for the blind and conducted product training, field test, and interview with 100 students and attained following results. – Versa Slate reduces 15% of time solving math problems of the middle school students. – Versa Slate attained 82.5% of satisfaction in average. – Versa Slate reduces 195 pieces of braille papers per one blind student in a semester. With these results, we were selected as the most innovative partners by KOICA and received many proposals from global NGOs and organization all around the world.

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