Wind Turbine for the Poor

To provide wind energy for the poor who are living without electricity by installing wind turbine system at no cost.


1516 Green Interior Architectural Company Limited

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Social Ventures Hong Kong

Social Ventures Hong Kong is a venture philanthropic organization, aiming to provide support to Social Purpose Organizations or Social Enterprises in Hong Kong.

Market of Implementation

  • Vietnam


According to ADB bank report, more than 600,000 households and schools still lack access to electricity in Vietnam; all of them are the poor and low-income people, and they are living in mountainous and remote areas where the electrical supply from the government is hard to reach. Their income is very low and they don’t have the ability to buy electricity. Children are severely affected by the lack of access to electrical energy – 60% are primary schools and 40% are secondary schools. Energy has multiple uses other than lighting, people uses it for cooking and water heating and other supplies. Lack of access to energy in the mountainous and remote areas in Vietnam leads to several problems:
  • lack of adequate and properly prepared food and limited choice of what to cook resulting in nutrition deprivation;
  • inadequate light to read at night leading to poor education;
  • Limited access to information thus leading to deprivation of information, communication and education; and
  • lack of access to pumped water and sanitation especially in schools.


Our wind power project has helped the poor people – including refugees – in remote areas to have access to electricity with very low cost. The project is innovative in this specific social condition as we bring wind energy to the poor where the national electricity grid is not available, hence, contributing to the national poverty reduction program. Normally, the poor households in mountainous areas should have a good amount of wind, so the wind turbine system takes advantage of this factor. The system has the advantages of being compact, easy to transport, easy to install, can generate electricity at low wind speed. In addition, it is also very low cost, as we use local materials and people can install and replace themselves. The main parts of the turbine can also be purchased easily in the market.

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