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Yayasan Project Hope: Tackling COVID-19 for Indonesia’s mothers and health workers

Yayasan Project Hope is working to reduce COVID-19 related deaths among mothers and health workers through screening, shelter for infected mothers, provision of PPE and training on Infection Prevention and Mental Health.


Yayasan Project Hope

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The Johnson & Johnson Foundation is a registered charitable organization that reflects the commitment of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to keeping people well at every age and every stage of life by blending heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. The Foundation supports and champions the people on the front lines who are at the heart of delivering care, including nurses and community health workers. Together with our partners, we focus on building and strengthening a robust primary care health workforce – made up of capable, confident and resilient nurses and community health workers – so that they can provide quality care to the communities they serve.

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  • Indonesia


The COVID-19 Pandemic is raging across Indonesia, with double the deaths in the last 7 months of 2021 than the deaths in 2020. 

We struck with sharp increase maternal deaths in two Saving Life At Birth districts in Central Java, in which COVID-19 contributed to 41 of 89 maternal deaths. Since the first case in 2020, we learned in both districts that 467 midwives were infected and 13 died, 119 doctors were infected and 5 died, and 432 nurses were infected and 3 died due to COVID-19.

These workers are most likely infected when treating undiagnosed mothers. Similar issues happened in 4 cities and 4 districts where Project Hope was implementing Saving Life of healthcare workers. It is urgent to prevent further COVID-19 transmission to vulnerable groups like pregnant mothers and babies. It is also important to build health resiliency by supporting healthcare workers who are at a higher risk for COVID-19 transmission, whom are already under mental distress from the massive workload for tracing, treating large numbers of critical patients and mass vaccination.


Project Hope aims to prevent COVID-19 transmission between healthcare workers (HCWs) and patients, ensuring good practices of COVID-19 Infection Prevention Program (IPC) in maternity and child wards. Concurrently, we are training HCWs on the proper use of standard PPEs, and to supply enough essential PPEs for them.

We will also train hospital managers to maintain a standardized IPC program at facility, and partner with professional organizations to train private practice doctors and midwives. We will supply PPE and Swab Antigen for screening pregnant mothers, and strengthen link between cadres, mothers and midwife through simple mobile application for two-way communication for education on COVID-19 prevention and care, and to prevent transmission during MNH care. We will also incorporate mental health support to the system helping HCWs from depression due to due to their intense workload.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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