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Since 2004, 1001fontaines has been a leading pioneer of the water kiosk model. We set up small water production units, called water kiosks, directly in the target areas. Water is purified using a low-cost technology, then bottled and home-delivered at an affordable price ($1 to 1.5 cent/L). To ensure sustainability, we hire and train an entrepreneur, who makes a living by managing the water kiosk. We also support the creation of a social business in each country. These entities are responsible for developing new water kiosks, and supporting the active ones through a franchise model. Entrepreneurs pay a fixed percentage of their turnover in exchange for a set of services guaranteeing their viability. Thanks to the fees, the franchise services become self-funded and can run without any need for external financial support. To date, 1001fontaines provides 800,000 people with sustainable access to safe drinking water, thanks to 260 water kiosks in 4 countries.

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