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Folia Water

Folia Filters: the world's first water filter for pennies, not dollars, the next $1B staple providing safe germ-free water throughout the world. Folia Water's patent-pending process uses standard paper machinery as the world's largest nanofactories to make antimicrobial Folia Filters for only 3 cents each. Each is packaged like a coffee funnel and is a week of safe, germ-free drinking water for only 50 cents, priced to be affordable for low income families earning $2-10/day. Folia is creating a new $1B+ category of consumer goods water filters, to be sold through distributors in retail stores throughout developing countries as a mass-market staple at a 75-95% savings to bottled water. Following paid product-testing field trials in 30+ countries, we’re starting retail pilot trials in Mexico and Indonesia measuring consumer behavior change and repurchase via consumer marketing and retail channels.

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