Paragon Charitable Trust (PCT)

PCT a registered Public Charitable Trust.  In 2003, launched its Integrated Teacher & School Education model, ‘MUKTANGAN’ which is its sole activity. Muktangan runs 7 municipal schools in Mumbai offering English-medium, child-centered education to 3600+ children (KG to Grade-X) from underserved communities, and has trained 700+ community members as teachers, 653 are currently employed as Teachers & Leaders. Have gained recognition as a "Centre of Excellence" & has partnered with State Government, UNICEF, NGOs and academic institutions, locally & internationally. We are partnering with Singapore International Foundation for a 3-year project in Early Childhood Education. Guidestar India certified us with Platinum Seal (Champion Level), for transparency & public accountability. Trust is governed by 6-member Board & led by professional team.

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