Todo-Works Co., Ltd

The founder, Shim once met his daughter’s friend who has myopathy and is a wheelchair user. He heard the inconvenience of a wheelchair user’s life from the child. As an engineer, he got a brilliant idea that makes a sub motor kit to install a manual wheelchair. It can be simply transformed manual to electric. After R&D for several months, the device named Todo-Drive has been produced and gave it to him as a gift. This experience led him to raise 11,000 USD through Daum-Kakao story funding(a kind of Crowd funding). A little child uses a wheelchair inspired Mr. Shim to begin a new journey. This is how Todo-Works was built. Launched in November 2016, the company has been steadily growing by selling and donating about 600 units to the disabled so far. They even attended 2017 Rehacare exhibition in German and received great attention from venders from many of EU countries as well as Singapore, and UAE. The company also found out that Todo-Drive is the lightest power-assist for manual wheel

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