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Inadequate and unsafe sanitation results in over 100,000 annual child deaths with an estimated economic loss of USD 54 billion to India. Inadequate sanitation is not only a dignity issue but is deeply linked to health, education and productivity outcomes.

In the past four years, under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we have made giant strides with over 90 million toilets built.  It is now time for the next leap – to focus on themes beyond toilet construction and to support high impact projects in these themes in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The Swachh Maharashtra Grand Challenge is a first-of-its-kind open innovation platform set up in partnership with the Government, Corporate and Social Sector to identify, implement, nurture and replicate highly innovative, effective, scalable and sustainable sanitation projects starting with the themes of :

Each of the four themes has a carefully designed problem statement hosted at a digital portal.  Any Indian organization including NGOs, Social Enterprises, For-Profit Companies, Academic Institutions, and others can submit their solutions, against each of these themes on the portal, which will then undergo a careful evaluation from a diverse and expert jury panel.

Why participate?

Swachh Maharashtra Grand Challenge is a first-of-its-kind unique opportunity not just to impact several lives but to also transform the sanitation ecosystem. In addition, applicants will get access to the following opportunities:

  1. Raise Grant Capital: Top 5 solutions will be provided with a unique opportunity to raise grant capital for project implementation through curated one-on-one closed-door pitch sessions with a series of interested CSR funders
  2. Implement to Demonstrate Success: Solutions which receive grant funding will implement their models in Chandrapur district. Projects which have demonstrated evidence of substantial impact will be provided support for further scaling and replication across the state of Maharashtra in partnership with government, corporate and social sector
  3. Receive Local Implementation Support: Solutions during implementation will receive support, if requested, from proactive government machinery at Chandrapur and local community-based organizations with a wide reach and deep community relations to enable ease in implementation
  4. Receive Capacity Building Support: Solutions during implementation will receive project management support and other assistance such as coaching and mentoring across a wide range of issues such as sanitation expertise, scaling, impact measurement, human-centered design etc.
  5. Pitch at Funder Forums: Top 20 solutions will pitch their projects in several forums across Maharashtra for networking, feedback, and further fundraising support
  6. Showcase Your Work via an e-Marketplace: The Top 50 solutions and their organization profiles will be published on an e-marketplace. This e-marketplace aims to become the go-to destination for funders to identify, evaluate and support high impact sanitation projects across Maharashtra

The challenge was launched on 8th March 2019 in presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra – Shri Devendra Fadnavis with a call to action to all social organizations and corporates to support the initiative.

For more information, sign up on washgrandchallenge.in

Deadline: May 1, 2019 – 23:59 hrs