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We sponsor our partner organisations in carrying out and strengthening programmes in our three areas of focus: sustainable development, education & integration, and health. We believe that these different roads to development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

Sustainable development: Creating the right conditions for the development and growth of self-sufficient communities. This encompasses rural development, social entrepreneurship and the environment.

Education & Integration: Capacity-building and vocational training to help vulnerable people look to the future with hope and dignity.

Health: Supporting ground-breaking medical solutions to conditions that prevent people from reaching socioeconomic wellbeing. On a case by case basis, we also provide funds to relief organisations that intervene in disaster-affected areas where Trafigura has a presence.

Simply providing financial assistance cannot solve problems in the long-term. Once we agree to fund an organisation, we lend our expertise to help them reach their goals. We coach and advise the staff who are effectively carrying out activities on the ground and know them best. This results in a true partnership which ultimately reaps greater value for our beneficiaries.


Focus on self-sustaining programmes

It is important to us that a good match between the Foundation and a potential partner organisation is found. The programmes we support must contribute to our commitment to help people reach their full potential through self-sustaining solutions. We will therefore favour programmes that encourage full ownership and gradual self-sufficiency of beneficiaries.

Focus on impact and reporting

The Foundation makes grants, not donations. Grants are attached to a programme with expected results and clear processes. There are reporting obligations attached to the release of the grant instalments over the grant period. What we care about ultimately is results and real, meaningful impact. We strive to measure that impact as well and as frequently as possible.

Please email your application containing the following documents – in English

Please do not send materials exceeding the above requirements. If the proposal is in line with our criteria and priorities, we will follow up and ask for further information in due course. Please note that if you do not hear from us within 4 weeks, you may consider that your application has unfortunately not been successful.

Selection Process

All projects proposals are first screened by the Foundation’s executive team. Proposals having successfully passed this initial screening are formally reviewed by the Board. The Board takes into account the relevance of the project with respect to our objectives, our three areas of focus, and our geographical and thematic priorities. Upon a positive outcome, the Foundation gets in touch with the successful applicant to work out grant practicalities.

Please note:

The Trafigura Foundation does not fund the following type of projects: