UnLtd India is one of India’s first launchpad for social entrepreneurs. We address critical gaps that early stage social entrepreneurs face, while building an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship to thrive in. Our work enables these individuals to develop as leaders, and their emerging ideas to grow into high impact and sustainable organisations. Over 10 years, we have incubated 190+ social entrepreneurs who have facilitated 149,900 jobs and impacted 2.5 million lives.

To find, support and grow early-stage social entrepreneurs to build high-impact organisations and grow as catalysts for social change

– We are entrepreneur-centric.
– We support early stage social entrepreneurs in the first 0 – 5 years of their life cycle.
– We are sector agnostic and have supported projects in education, environment, agriculture, gender equality, financial inclusion and health amongst others.
– Our portfolio is diverse with a mix of legal status ventures (Status as of 2018- 55% not-for-profits, 37% for-profits and 7% hybrids while the remaining are exploring).

Our Incubation Program offers customised support at three life-stage-based levels.

Interested applicants can write to scouting@untldindia.org

Deadline: September 30, 2018