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Beyond Traditional Grants: Lessons from Piloting Recyclable Funding Models in Hong Kong and Singapore





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15 August 2023


15 August 2023

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In 2020, during the earliest days of COVID-19, many small charities and social enterprises were hit hard by the sudden halt of usual operations as society shut down around them. At a time when demand for the services provided by these social organisations hit new highs, they were facing the toughest challenges to remain open for business. In Hong Kong and Singapore respectively, Social Ventures Hong Kong and The Majurity Trust, alongside local partners and donors, particularly Sustainable Finance Initiative and Maybank Singapore, saw that this was an opportunity to build resilience in these organisations, and pilot new funding models in the face of unprecedented circumstances. Coincidentally, both organisations piloted recyclable funding models, unleashing new venture philanthropic resources to support front-line social organisations.

In this webinar featuring speakers from Social Ventures Hong Kong and The Majurity Trust, we delve into the design and outcomes of the two recyclable funding models: the Community Resilience Fund in Hong Kong and the Maybank Momentum Grant in Singapore.

Why were the funds positioned as ‘recyclable’ instead of the usual one-way grant giving? How did COVID-19 provide a unique background for this financing innovation to happen? What has been learned from this innovation process and what might the next iteration of recyclable funding models look like?

Come join this Zoom webinar 15 Aug 2023 (Tue), 9:30am, to learn more and exchange ideas on piloting recyclable funding models!

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