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COVIDialogue #1: Helping students catch up after schools reopen

By J-PAL South Asia


Online and India

Date & time

17 September 2020



17 September 2020


About this event

J-PAL South Asia is excited to present COVIDialogues, a webinar series in which leading J-PAL affiliated researchers respond with evidence to COVID-19’s most critical policy questions.

The first COVIDialogue focuses on the ongoing learning crisis in India in the aftermath of the pandemic. At a time when more than 320 million children in India have been out of school for months on end, understanding the learning needs of each child has never been more important.

Join us for a webinar with Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, J-PAL), Rukmini Banerji (CEO, Pratham Education Foundation), and Yamini Aiyar (President & CEO, Centre for Policy Research) to explore how tailored instruction programmes can stem learning losses in the aftermath of COVID-19. They will be joined by policymakers and development practitioners for a deep-dive into implementing targeted programmes that help children catch up and master foundational skills in reading and math.

Drawing on decades of generating rigorous evidence and implementing education programmes, both across states in India and other countries, Abhijit, Rukmini, and Yamini will engage in a dialogue to tackle this unprecedented disruption to the school year and discuss how policies grounded in scientific evidence can improve children’s learning outcomes in the time of COVID-19.  

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