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Does the Rise of Digital Health Technology Help or Harm Health Workers

By Johnson & Johnson



Date & time

(GMT +8)

17 November 2021



17 November 2021


About this event

In the 21st century, digital disruption is happening in every sector. Direct-to-consumer technology solutions are cutting out the middleman and driving increased convenience and lower costs.

COVID-19 has catalyzed a watershed moment for digital health adoption. Direct-to-consumer digital technologies can empower individuals to play a greater role in maintaining their own health and serve as a “digital front door” to healthcare. Examples include chatbots that can answer clients’ questions, telehealth platforms that connect clients to health workers regardless of distance, and remote monitoring systems that help individuals manage chronic conditions.

These solutions can strengthen the connection between clients and health workers; however, too often health workers’ perspectives and first-hand experiences are excluded from the development of these technologies and they fail to consider the potential impact on health workers or the importance of strong linkages to care.

In this Front Line in Focus event, the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation will bring together frontline health workers, researchers, technology developers and program implementers. This conversation will highlight the urgent need for health systems to adopt digital technologies designed, implemented and evaluated with health workers in mind so that they extend – rather than replace or undermine – the health workforce and enable clients to be active participants in their own health.

Join us to hear from leaders including Edward Booty, Reach52; Angeline Chin, Johnson & Johnson; Aparna Hegde, ARMMAN; Nakululombe Kwendeni, mothers2mothers; Amnesty LeFevre, University of Cape Town; Jenny Lei Ravelo, Devex; Joanne Peter, Johnson & Johnson; and more!

The webinar will be simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin and Japanese.

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