AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Future of Flexibles

By SecondMuse



Date & time

07 April 2021


07 April 2021


About this event

Future of Flexibles

Do you have innovative solutions that can drastically reduce flexible plastic waste in Asia? Applications for The Incubation Network’s second annual Global Innovation Challenge: Future of Flexibles are now open! 

In 2018, the world produced a total of 855 billion sachets of flexible plastics. In Asia, the majority of these plastics end up in the environment, causing a myriad of problems from the release of toxic pollutants in the air and waterways, to increased flooding from clogged drains.

We are looking for innovation that can:

  • RETHINK flexible packaging materials, products within the packaging, and business models; or
  • RECYCLE flexible plastics through downstream innovations in collecting, sorting, and processing flexible plastics. 

A cohort of ventures from around the world will be selected to join one of two program tracks: an incubation track for young startups eager to get their innovation off the ground, or an acceleration track for those more mature startups and SMEs interested in expanding their footprint in South and Southeast Asia.

Apply to the challenge and receive mentorship, technical support, cash grants, and access to strategic partnerships with leading actors and experts in this sector.

Learn more: https://incubationnetwork.com/flexibles  

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