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Gender and Climate Finance e-Discussion

By United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Online and Thailand

Date & time

16 December 2020


25 December 2020

About this event

Climate change and gender are inextricably linked due to gendered roles and prevailing perceptions in society that results in the different adaptative and mitigative capabilities of men and women.The advancement of gender equality requires a climate finance architecture that is gender-responsive and inclusive of the individuals and organizations that have knowledge about gender dimensions and are working toward gender equality.

While numerous challenges to shift financing systems and structures exist, new opportunities are unfolding and there is an increase in the number and diversity of leaders and organizations willing to increase funding levels and create new gender-responsive financial mechanisms.To increase investments for gender-responsive climate action, partnerships must be built with diverse funders, investors and resources, to share good practices and lessons learnt.

To help bridge the information gap around gender-responsive climate funding mechanisms, UNDP in partnership with Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN) has developed a Gender and Climate Finance Sourcebook. This Sourcebook aims to encourage and enable new partnerships amongst actors within the climate finance and gender investing communities, by providing information about existing sources and funding mechanisms that support mandates and policies for gender-responsive climate initiatives.

To identify and unpack additional gender-responsive climate funding mechanisms, good practices and tools that can promote more investment at the nexus of gender and climate, UNDP and WOCAN are hosting an e-discussion on “Gender-Responsive Climate Finance Mechanism” from 16th -25th December 2020.

Click here to join the e-discussion on “Gender Responsive Climate Finance Mechanism”

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