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Impact Collective 2021 : Cohort 2

By Impact Collective


Online and South Korea

Date & time

20 August 2021


20 August 2021

About this event

Impact Collective (IC) is a community-driven acceleration program for startups focusing on opportunities in Asia. We invest in, support, and connect startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate the positive impact in the world. IC is now accepting entries for Impact Collective 2021: Cohort 2.

If you are an early-stage startup in Asia that has launched a product or service that aligns with one of the program’s six themes under the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), then look no further! This is the perfect accelerator and investment program to boost your business, and below you can find out why.

Investment and pilot opportunity

IC is a no-fee nor equity required program. If your startup provides innovative business models, excellent execution capability, and measurable impact potential — a Fast Track investment opportunity is offered from Day One. The final top 10 teams are guaranteed to receive USD 50K investment increasing up to a possible USD 500K.

Even if you don’t receive an investment opportunity, you will be connected to an amazing community of entrepreneurs, investors, local government officials, researchers, students, conscious consumers, and developers who are involved in the startup and impact scene in the Asia-Pacific region! You will gain access to the network and have a chance to pilot your solution, receive feedback, consultation, and even gain advocates and fans along the way (for FREE)!

Be a part of a global tribe

As mentioned above, IC has an amazing community from around the world called the ICC (Impact Collective Community). More than 1,100 people are on the platform and members of the community will become your mentors, fans, and advocates not only throughout your impact journey but even after the program.

One of the most unique features of IC is that experts and community voters are involved in the investment decision process. ICC is open to anyone who wants to support Impact Makers, play an active role in the impact innovation scene, and discover, connect, and collaborate with like-minded people! Imagine your team being a part of this tribe of innovators and impact makers, co-creating the future together!

“It’s not a matter of whether we reach the top 10 to receive investment or not, it’s about being a part of the community because the experience was so enriching — in terms of the knowledge, resourcefulness, skill set, and the network. This community is a great source for startups like us who are always looking for opportunities to scale globally.” — Ali Shabbar, CEO of DeafTawk

A clearer path down the line

According to Shariff, CEO of Outpos, even the process of applying will help startups to think through certain, but critical aspects, that will be relevant in the due diligence process or investor relations.

Shariff also mentioned the importance of mentoring sessions, where he learned how to refine every aspect of his business from the pitch to the business model. The interactions helped him solve common problems faced by startups and down the line, this support allowed him to answer the tough questions during due diligence.

Impact strategy on another level

Both Ali and Shariff highlighted how they were able to bring their impact strategy to the next level. The session with Charlotte Arribe, a program officer at Ctiypreneurs, a UN-backed ecosystem building and growth platform for startups, not only helped them fine-tune their impact profit alignment, but also measure their impact in-depth, based on the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We thought the impact measurement solution we were using was sufficient. However, as we went along the program with Charlotte, I was like ‘Wait a minute. We can go to another level with this subject!’ and that was an aha moment for me!” — Shariff Raffi, CEO of Outpos

Do you want to be part of this adventure?

👉 Join as a startup to accelerate your work and grow your impact boosted by the community.
👉 Become an expert to support a diverse group of startups and grow together with them.
👉 Join as a community voter to vote and give our team your unique perspective.

🪐 Learn more about the Impact Collective : http://impactcollective.earth

⚡️Applications for Cohort 2 close at 20th August: Apply Now!

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