AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Investing in High Quality Nature-Based Solutions Projects in Asia

By AVPN and Mana Impact



Date & time

(GMT +8)

26 January 2023



26 January 2023


About this event

It is estimated that the financial flows into global biodiversity conservation are currently between US$ 124 and US$ 143 billion, while the amount needed to reverse the decline in biodiversity by 2030 is approximately US$ 722-967 billion each year. This financing gap of somewhere between US$ 598-824 billion per year is mainly expected to be financed by government and large financial institutions. However, impact investors, family offices and foundations also have a large role to play.

In this event, Mana Impact will be sharing some of the key findings from the recent report, ‘ Catalysing Nature-based Solutions: Perspectives and Practices for Developing High-Quality Projects,’ introduce some of the key factors that distinguish a high-quality nature-based project and some of the key challenges and opportunities in investing in nature-based solutions. Lastly, we will also be featuring presentations on nature-based investment opportunities by :1) Akaria Natural Capital and 2) Fairventures Social Forestry.

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