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Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters

By British Council



Date & time


22 November 2021



25 November 2021


About this event

We are pleased to invite you to attend Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters, which will take place online from 22-25 November 2021. The four-day event aims to showcase how the UK and South East Asian countries can create new collaborations and strengthen cultural relations. The objectives are to generate UK sector attention for South East Asia and raise awareness on South East Asia’s significance to the UK. The event will feature:

  • Opening session
  • 5 Country briefings on Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand
  • 3 Thematic sessions on Climate change and Cultural Rights, Creative Economy and Arts and Inclusion
  • Networking session and opportunities
  • Country pavilions

This is the first virtual event of its kind between the UK and South East Asia. It is unique as it is not just a series of talks but an important platform for meeting international collaborators and partners. Participants can expect dynamic discussions, artistic showcasing and networking events with some of the world’s leading thinkers and artists. Through these activities, attendees will be able to gain new insights, top trends and opportunities for new work in the arts, culture and creative economy sector.  

The event is free and will use the platform, Hopin, which is the first all-in-one event platform for connecting and creating immersive experiences.

We look forward to having you at Partner South East Asia! We would also greatly appreciate it if you can share the invitation to your relevant networks. The event is open to cultural professionals, artists, academics, funders and government officials who are interested in connecting with their respective counterparts.   



More information on the event and detailed agenda here.

For inquiries, you may get in touch with Florence Lambert.

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