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Quest 2 Learn (Q2L) Summit

By QUEST Alliance


Online and India

Date & time

25 August 2021


27 August 2021

About this event

The Quest 2 Learn (Q2L) Summit is an annual gathering that brings together divergent perspectives from key stakeholders within the School-to-Work spectrum that create emerging insights and build networks to nurture self-learning environments.

Since its inception in 2016, Quest 2 Learn has championed the concept of self-learning, and provided a space for learners, practitioners, funders and influencers to co-create solutions and innovations to power the future of work and learning.

The Quest 2 Learn Annual Summit 2021 will focus on successful School-to-Work transitions for young people in a VUCA world that is still in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through a series of dialogues, webinars, and panel discussions, participants will explore key themes like Facilitating Self-Learning Environments, Equity and Inclusion in Future Careers, and Systems Change to Strengthen Collaborative Action; and discover the criticality of a self-learning mindset and approach in a Covid world.

Read more about the Q2L Summit at www.questalliance.net.

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