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SDG Impact Standards User Training

By AVPN Academy





Date & time


31 July 2023



11 August 2023


About this event

Join a training course where you will learn a framework on how to adopt the SDG Impact Standards

Maximise your contribution to the achievement of sustainable development, the SDGs and the needs of your stakeholders.

The year 2023 marks the midpoint between the inception of the Sustainable Development Goals and the perceived fruition of its targets. Thus, it’s opportune time to reflect on our progress and accelerate necessary action. According to a UN report, none of the countries in the Asia Pacific region are on track to reach the 17 Goals, and overall achievement is much lower than anticipated.

SDG Impact and Social Value International (SVI) have developed the SDG Impact Standards Training course for individuals in the private and public sector who are seeking to improve their management practices within their organizations by integrating sustainability and the SDGs into their operations. Join companies like Mizuho that have completed this training with the aim to maximise their contribution to the achievement of sustainable development, the SDGs, and the needs of their stakeholders. It will be spearheaded by the AVPN Academy, in partnership with an Accredited Trainer for the SDG Impact Standards.

  • Who should join: Leaders and professionals from Asia-Pacific, looking to integrate sustainability into their business operations
  • Course Fee: USD 1,000 for AVPN members, USD 1,500 for non-members
  • Registration Deadline: 9th July 2023
  • Limited Slots Available

What you will learn

At the end of this training, participants should:
  • Understand why change is needed and how the SDG Impact Standards can help drive that change
  • Identify how they can use them and associated resources, and the pathway from self-assessment, gap analysis, prioritising and planning improvements
  • Be motivated to commit to starting the implementation of the framework

Meet the speakers

  • Bonnie Chiu

    Bonnie Chiu

    Managing Director

    The Social Investment Consultancy

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