AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Second Seminar on Evidence Synthesis for Global Health : Doing Guideline Adaptation Right

By The George Institute for Global Health



Date & time


05 May 2022



05 May 2022

About this event

The George Institute continuing its seminar series under Evidence Synthesis for Global Health is organising the second seminar on “Doing Guideline Adaptation Right”, highlighting the challenges and role of the RIGHT [email protected] checklist.

Guideline development is a complex multistage process. Proper reporting is an important step in guideline development. The Reporting Items of Practice Guidelines in Healthcare (RIGHT) statement provides guidance to the developers for the purpose. However, in the case of adapted guidelines, the RIGHT statement is inadequate. The RIGHT [email protected] checklist fills this gap. It builds on the experiences of international stakeholders in guideline adaptation and may improve the completeness of reporting adapted guidelines.

Mark your calendar for 5th May 2022 | 13:00 IST

About the seminar

Clinical Practice Guidelines are the highest quality of evidence to guide clinical practice. Adapting guidelines helps contextualize trustworthy recommendations but is a challenging process. Guidance on how to draft, and report adapted guidelines is rapidly evolving. Researchers, clinicians, and policymakers around the globe have recently published the Right [email protected] checklist for reporting adapted guidelines. The seminar will highlight the challenges in guideline adaptation and the role of the RIGHT [email protected] checklist in mitigating some of the challenges.

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