AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The Importance of Higher Education on Driving a National Innovation System

By University of Haifa


Online and Pan Asia

Date & time

30 June 2020



30 June 2020


About this event

An Exchange with Professor Ron Robin, Chairperson of VERA (Association of University Heads, Israel), President of University of Haifa

With special guests Digital Minister of the Executive Yuan Audrey Tang and National Taiwan 

University President Dr. Kuan Chung-ming

Organizer: 台灣全球連結發展協會 籌備處 Crossroads

Co-organizers: Anemone Ventures, Techstars, and Taiwan Tech Arena

With remarks from: Representative Mr. Omer Caspi of Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (ISECO), and American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)

In our mission to establish clear avenues of collaboration and exchange between Taiwan and the international community, Crossroads, in cooperation with Anemone Ventures, Techstars, and Taiwan Tech Arena is honored to host Professor Ron Robin, the chairperson of VERA (Association of University Heads, Israel) and president of University of Haifa, along with Digital Minister Audrey Tang and National Taiwan University president Dr. Kuan Chung-Ming in an online-offline discussion on “The Importance of Higher Education in Driving a National Innovation Ecosystem”.

Professor Robin will share methods and experiences on how Israel’s higher education system cultivates and prepares innovative minds to tackle local and global problems through entrepreneurship.  This event will also mark the first step towards establishing a direct channel for new opportunities in talent exchange, R&D collaboration, and investment with Israel’s higher education and research institutions.

As part of Crossroads’ core initiative to elevate information accessibility through the development of seamless and cost-effective techniques for bilingual programs, the event will be offered on two language channels (English-only and Chinese-only) on Crowdcast.

We are excited to be spearheading fresh opportunities between Taiwan and Israel.  Please show your support and join our conversation on June 30 from 15:00 to 17:00 (Taiwan time).  Let’s work together in creating a more diverse and connected future for Taiwan.  Thank you.

This live event is offered on two language feeds (English-only and Chinese-only) over Crowdcast.

English-only channel registration link
Chinese-only channel registration link

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