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The Oxford Economics of Mutuality Virtual Forum

By Economics of Mutuality



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09 September 2020


11 September 2020

About this event

The Great Transition

The verdict is in. To remain relevant and thrive in our changing world, business and finance must transform. For too long, companies have embraced shareholder primacy, which has proven ill-equipped to deal with the global challenges and opportunities presented by society and the environment in the 21st century.

The conversation is no longer about why the system needs transforming – it’s about how we can deliver the necessary transition. Over the last ten years, numerous movements, conferences, and publications have earnestly strived to catalyze this transition, but a superior alternative to profit-maximization has yet to take root.

Now the business community must take stock of its progress and work together to build a new system of purpose-centric holistic value creation. There is an urgent duty and a new opportunity for companies to outperform by investing in social, human, and natural capital within the ecosystems in which they operate – and to benefit from enhanced returns.

Discuss the Key Issues

Across the course of three short days, we will ask how the business community can tackle three significant barriers to systemic transformation: the stakeholder challenge, the measurement challenge and the leadership challenge. We will seek to redefine purpose and leadership — the words, as well as performance and accounting — the numbers.


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