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Webinar: Underdogs Coach Training Program Briefing Session – Training Korean Social Innovation Startups



Online and South Korea

Date & time

29 April 2020



29 April 2020


About this event

This upcoming on-line webinar is a part of the Underdogs’ Coach Training Program, ‘Asia Tomorrow Together’, and will share the cases of Korea’s social innovation startups, along with introduction to Underdogs Social Innovation Startup Approach and our training program.

As a leader among the social innovation startup trainers in Korea who has trained more than 7,800 entrepreneurs, we would love to share our experience and the trends of the social innovation startups in Korea. This will be an opportunity to understand more about how Underdogs trains, how our program works for the entrepreneurs, and how we contribute to nurturing social innovation.

At the same time, this webinar will offer you a deeper understanding of how our coach training program will be delivered in 2020, what sessions will be provided in each program, and how you can join and engage as our global Underdogs coach. Additionally, there will be 10%-discount benefits for the webinar participants who register the official coach training programs held (tentatively) in July!

Join us for this special webinar by registering today via the link below!

Click the link to register NOW 😊 -> https://bit.ly/udwebinars

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