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Indra: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solution in India

Indra has treated 900M+ litres of wastewater, reduced sludge by 4500+ tons, harmful chemical usage by 3200+ tons and GHG emissions by 750+ tons and positively impacted the lives of 500,000 people using their patented electrically driven decentralized wastewater treatment solutions.


Inphlox Water Systems Private Limited (Indra)

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SDGs covered

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Desai & Associates

Market of Implementation

  • India
  • Indonesia


More than 50% of the globe is water stressed and less than 1% of the water is reused globally! We discharge more than 70% of wastewater untreated into freshwater bodies thereby severely polluting them and posing serious risk to human health and the ecosystem. Indra is pioneering decentralized treatment of wastewater at point of source with its novel electrical solution and recovering up to 99% of the water for reuse thereby offsetting freshwater demand and preventing water pollution. Conventional chemical and biological systems are struggling to keep up with the large evolving list of pollutants, occupy a lot of space, cannot handle shock loads or variations in pollutant loads and are prone to frequent breakdown and downtime. Indra's electrical solution is 90% smaller, modular, automatic, can work standalone or can be easily retrofitted with older solutions to meet a variety of treatment needs and breakdown the toughest pollutants like COD, BOD, nutrients, pathogens, heavy metals etc.


INDRA’s patented electrically driven decentralized wastewater treatment solutions are modular, 90% smaller and treat domestic and industrial wastewater. Our systems are driven by INDRA SMART automation and SPECTRUM analytics to optimize efficiency & performance. Key benefits include lower energy consumption, no added chemicals in primary treatment of water, 65-70% sludge generation, up to 99% water recovery, higher efficiency and lower maintenance. INDRA’s novel broad-spectrum pollution removal solution can handle a wide range of pollutants like suspended/dissolved pollutants, heavy metals, emulsified oils, oxygen demanding substances (COD & BOD), nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous etc.), pathogens and petroleum. It also handles shock loads well unlike conventional chemically or biologically driven solutions.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), Methane, Nitrous Oxide

Amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Avoided/Sequestered

750 MT in year 2022

Means of Measurement

Indra is presently benchmarking GHG emissions with respect to observations with conventional chemical and biological methods. Sludge quantity measurement is also a part of this as sludge disposal has an expense associated with itself. Reduction in chemical usage is also estimated and equivalent GHG savings is estimated.

Project’s Environment & Climate Capability

Climate Risk Reduction, Coordination on Climate Change Measures and Activities Across Relevant Actors

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