Impact Frontiers Asia

AVPN has teamed with Impact Frontiers to offer a 15-month consultative journey that will help asset owners and managers integrate impact into their investment practice.

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Impact Frontiers Asia supports investors to build new capabilities to manage impact and integrate impact into their investment practices. Through confidential structured meetings, cohort members experiment with new approaches, share their tools and experiences, learn from peers, benefit from thought partnership and advance the state of impact management practice in the sector.

It’s been designed for asset managers of all asset classes and for asset owners such as family offices, foundations and endowments.

By teaming with AVPN as Asia’s largest social investing network, Impact Frontiers Asia will provide participating investors will develop and fine-tune investment strategies designed to achieve integrated financial, social, and environmental goals, and share what they learn for the benefit of investors across Asia and worldwide.

We believe Impact Frontiers Asia will elevate the field of impact investing — increasing the transparency of the capital markets in creating impact; enabling investors to allocate capital more accurately and efficiently toward impact; and drawing new investors off the sidelines. We expect the program will help to shift capital into proven impact investments that contribute to a fair, just and ecologically sustainable world.

Impact Frontiers is an ecosystem-wide initiative of the Impact Management Project (IMP). Investors in the Asia cohort will become part of a global network of investor cohorts in the US, UK, Canada, and Latin America.

Program Benefits

Integrate impact-financial performance

Use your own data to create your own approach, customized to your organization’s unique context, strategy, and goals.

Get support in building buy-in and leading change within your organization.

Lean on thought partnership from Impact Frontiers, AVPN, the IMP, and other initiative partners.

Collaboration drives learning and innovation

Explore challenges specific to individual asset classes.

Cross-fertilize ideas across asset classes, investor types, and geographies.

Work together to find ways to improve the flow of impact information between companies, asset managers, and asset owners.

Emphasis on confidentiality

Safe forum in which leading investors can experiment with new approaches, learn from peers, and advance shared goals.

Workshops and meetings held under Chatham House Rule.

All cohort members sign non-disclosure agreements to hold all materials confidential.

Impact Frontiers Asia Info Session

AVPN and Impact Frontiers held an info session on 30 March 2021 with a group of investors where the program was discussed and questions were fielded.

Who Should Join This Program?

Asset managers of all asset classes and for asset owners such as family offices, foundations and endowments. Participating Investors should be prepared to share and discuss portfolio data in the small group meetings, which will be run on Chatham House rules. Please contact your AVPN market rep for more information on how to participate.


Participating investors will address four foundational questions that any impact investor faces:

Impact Risk and Return Financial Risk and Return
Investment Level Which investments offer more expected impact? Which investments offer more risk-adjusted financial return?
Portfolio Level How would you measure, set goals for, and communicate the impact of a portfolio of investments? How would you measure, set goals for, and communicate the risk-adjusted financial return of a portfolio of investments?

Grounded in investors’ actual practices

Create a path forward for your organization’s impact management, grounded in a set of generalizable steps based on the experience of 13 funds in the Impact Frontiers Collaboration (2018-2020), which implemented the approach in diverse portfolios totaling $15B USD.

Tested & flexible curriculum

Attend a series of content workshops designed to support investors’ progress, covering topics such as creating an expected impact rating; plotting your portfolio against impact X risk-adjusted financial return; and determining implications for investment decisions.

Join optional workshops on topics such as gender inclusion, racial equity, and climate.

Variety of forums for engagement

Join and engage in content across a variety of forums, including large-group content workshops, small-group peer feedback sessions, and topical workshops.

In parallel, develop and implement your organization’s plans for improving impact measurement and management.

Program Structure

As they develop their organizations’ approaches to impact management and impact-financial integration, participating investors will receive support through a variety of forums:

  • Core content workshops delivered and tailored to AVPN cohort members as a group
  • Small-group peer feedback sessions among subsets of the AVPN cohort
  • Global, cross-cohort topical working groups and webinars on cross-cutting themes (e.g., racial equity, gender, climate, investor contribution, etc.)

Participating investors will follow a tested, flexible sequence of steps. This process is based on the experience of the first Impact Frontiers cohort from 2018-2020, which published a handbook on impact-financial integration.

Program Overview

By 15 May 2021 Confirm all participating investors in program
27 May 2021 Program kick-off
June 2021 Impact and ESG fundamentals
July 2021 Creating an expected impact rating (or other measure of transactions’ expected impact).

Selecting a measure of risk-adjusted financial return.
Sep 2021 Monitoring impact during the lifetime of the investment
Oct 2021 Validating impact through ex-post impact measurement
Nov 2021 Plotting your portfolio: impact against risk-adjusted financial return
Jan 2022 Determining implications for investment decision rules

  • Rules of thumb
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Hurdle rates
Feb 2022 Constructing an integrated portfolio dashboard
Apr 2022 Setting portfolio goals and reporting performance
Jun 2022 Communicating your impact management approach internally and externally
Jul-Sep 2022 Capstone presentations and discussions


Key Convenors

Supporting Partner

Participating Investors for inaugural May 2021 Cohort

Japan Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating investors are asked to contribute USD30,000 towards the program.

Program fees will go toward all cohort activities over the 15 months, including core content workshops, facilitated peer feedback sessions, and topical working groups and sessions on global, cross-cutting themes. Participating investors can also receive optional bilateral engagement with Impact Frontiers and AVPN as desired e.g., document review, thought partnership, strategy discussion.

This is a flexible program. Participating investors will likely spend four hours a month on the program, but some months may spend no time or up to eight hours a month, due to workshops, peer feedback sessions, and optional webinars.

Each organisation can have up to 2 representatives joining each Impact Frontiers Asia session and this will help to keep the overall group size and discussions manageable. Participating Investors are free to rotate their choice of representatives in each session.

There will be no refunds in the event whereby you cannot complete the program.

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