Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika is a registered not-for-profit organization committed to the promotion of aquatic-based livelihood opportunities, securing food and nutritional security in rural India. The very essence of Jaljeevika lies in mainstreaming vulnerability reduction related to livelihood and employment opportunities for small-scale farmers through the promotion of climate-resilient agriculture practices.

Jaljeevika has a strong footprint of niche development work supporting the most vulnerable and rural small-scale aquatic producers creating inclusive rural economies. With the creation of the institutional strengthening model, Jaljeevika is able to leverage resources, field presence, technical know-how, and practical experience, and its reputation as a successful knowledge entity of climate-resilient, cluster specific livelihood generation models to increase its impact in rural areas with high vulnerability.

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AquaECO: Climate-Resilient Livelihood Model for Fish Farmers in India

By Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

Since its inception, Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika is addressing issues of fish farmers, building community resilience and capacity to enhance livelihood opportunities using water bodies with more than 30,000 fish farmers.

Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation