Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is an international non-profit organisation with a purpose to accelerate the transformation toward a more just and regenerative future.

We specialise in addressing critical global challenges by catalysing change in key systems, from food to apparel, energy to shipping.

We do this by convening transformational collaborations to drive change, by partnering with organisations to help them lead by example, and by building a global community of trailblazers and change makers.

Organisation Representative

Endorsers that Forum for the Future partner with


S&P Global Foundation

Aavishkaar Capital is the equity arm of The Aavishkaar Group which manages in excess of US$1 billion in AUM across equity and credit. The Group’s shareholders include TIAA-Nuveen, Shell Foundation, Triodos Bank and Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

S&P Global Foundation

Our essential intelligence powers inclusive sustainable economies and thriving global communities.

S&P Global Foundation is more than philanthropy—it’s making a difference by finding essential connections between our skills and the needs of society. At S&P Global, we develop and deliver essential intelligence. Data and analytics meet strategic insight, in-depth research and trusted benchmarks so that companies, governments, and individuals can make decisions with conviction.

The same drive for relevance shapes our engagement approach—we make sure the work we do has a genuine impact on the communities in which we live. We focus our efforts where our skills can make a real difference: Bridging the Global Skills Gap, Creating an Inclusive Economy, and Promoting a Sustainable Future

On-going/Past projects

Forum for the Future: Responsible Energy Initiative to support Renewable Energy in Asia

By Forum for the Future

The Renewable Energy Initiative seeks to support renewable energy actors in Asia in adopting policies and practices that make the production and deployment of renewable technologies ecologically safe, rights-respecting and regenerative.

Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation