Krakakoa (previously known as Kakoa) is one of the first bean to bar chocolate markers in Indonesia. It sources only the best beans, direct from smallholder cocoa farmers, to produce fine, 100% made-in-Indonesia chocolate. Krakakoa was founded to improve the livelihoods of Indonesian cocoa farmers by providing them the support such as training programs to improve their yields. It’s also on a mission to produce the best tasting chocolate from 100% Indonesian beans.

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LGT Venture Philanthropy

LGT Impact Ventures is a global impact investor focusing on private equity investments in developing and emerging countries....

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By Krakakoa

Krakakoa is an Indonesian “farmer to bar” chocolate company which seeks to increase the income of small-holder cocoa farmers and promote sustainable cocoa production and conservation.

Agriculture, Conservation, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

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