Mekong Plus

Mekong Plus is a European NGO doing community development projects in remote rural areas of Cambodia & Vietnam. Integrated approach with high participation of the villagers is implemented, thus very low-cost sustainable activities.
Funding comes from various sources, also from visitors: they bike through the projects and make donations.

Organisation Representative

Endorsers that Mekong Plus partner with


WISE – philanthropy advisors

Wise‘s philanthropy advisors accompanies donors and their families in fulfilling their philanthropic aspirations. ...

On-going/Past projects

Poverty Reduction through Community Development

By Mekong Plus

Provides community development projects in about 1000 villages of Vietnam & Cambodia through an integrated approach in agriculture, microcredit, employment, health, education, small infrastructure, environment etc .

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Education, Financial Inclusion, Gender, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene

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