Trackyotech Private Limited

Trackyo is a connected vehicle startup based in India. We are designing customised security solutions for controlling vehicles and monitoring driver behaviour for smart traffic calming and traffic regulation at gated communities. By the term gated communities we refer to areas secured by gates and security guards at entry and exit points (e.g. residential blocks/ townships, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls, shopping streets, airports, public places etc.) We aim to reduce the death toll, loss to life and property due to over speeding vehicles, reckless driving behaviours and unavailability of real-time reporting and prompt facilitation of emergency services. The device also helps the driver to find parking space and park appropriately at the gated community. In case of an emergency situation such as accidents, fire etc. the security guard can connect with the nearest emergency service providers (hospitals, ambulance, police, firetruck etc.) just by the press of a button.

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